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Super Bright Switch 

Finally, you can experience quick and easy bright light at the flip of a switch. These powerful COB LED lights can be installed in seconds to virtually any surface – all without tools or complicated wiring. Simply peel and stick, or use the integrated magnets for metal surfaces, or the built-in pegholes for hanging.

• Super Bright COB LEDs
• Installs in Seconds – No Tools Required!
• Sticks To Virtually Any Surface

SRP: $12.99
Item Code: MBS-MC6
Case Pack: 6 PCS
UPC: 8-56788-00316-6

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Stain Stompers 

Getting down on your hands and knees to scrub out pesky stains can now be a thing of the past. With Stain Stompers, simply place the wet pad on the stain, stomp on it with your shoe, and let the pad do the work for you – NO SCRUBBING REQUIRED! The Woolite OXY formula permanently removes stains, including those tough, set-in stains like red wine, pet messes, coffee, and more! Plus, it leaves your carpet smelling fresh and clean. Each resealable pouch contains 10 pre-moistened pads.

• No Scrubbing Needed
• Works on Fresh & Set-In Stains
• Leaves Carpet Smelling Fresh

SRP: $9.99
Item Code:
Case Pack: 6 PCS
UPC: 8-56788-00343-2

Contact Sales@NovelBrands.com for order inquiries.

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Handy Can Opener Pro 

Trying to open cans can be a struggle for your hands! Introducing the all-new Handy Can Opener Pro, you simply press the button and it automatically opens any can in seconds… hands-free! The secret is Handy Can Opener’s powerful rotating gear that cuts beneath the lid, leaving behind absolutely no sharp edges. The strong built-in magnet prevents dirty lids from falling into the can. Handy Can Opener will open any can, regardless of size or shape. From your favorite soup to that giant jug of tomato sauce. It’s the perfect gift for a loved one suffering from arthritis, hand, or joint pain.

• One Touch Start & Stop
• Opens Cans of All Shapes & Sizes
• Leaves No Sharp Edges Behind

SRP: $9.99
Item Code: HCOR-MC12
Case Pack: 12 PCS
UPC: 8-89476-50218-3

Contact Sales@NovelBrands.com for order inquiries.

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Beauty Bright 

Did you know most makeup imperfections are caused by improper lighting? That means over applied foundation, uneven eyeshadow, or just the wrong color. Now there’s the Beauty Bright instant vanity light. The only cosmetic light that instantly attaches to your mirror, for full front-facing illumination. Which will eliminate shadowing, so you can apply your makeup perfectly. Featuring TrueLight LEDs, Beauty Bright simulates natural sunlight for flawless color-correct cosmetic application. That’s why with Beauty Bright, you’ll have the ideal lighting condition wherever you choose.

• Turns Any Mirror Into A Lighted Makeup Mirror
• TrueLight LEDs Simulate Natural Sunlight
• Adjustable Brightness Setting

SRP: $29.99
Item Code: BEBR-MC6
Case Pack: 6 PCS
UPC: 8-54898-00715-9

Contact Sales@NovelBrands.com for order inquiries.

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360° Spinner Vac 

360° Spinner Vac is the ultimate cordless lightweight vacuum. The secret is in the body motion universal joint technology, which makes any turn of your wrist a matching turn of the vacuum. The 3 dynamic swivel casters allow the vacuum to roll freely in any direction, giving you 360° of freedom. It’s whisper quiet, powerful motor provides superior suction making cleaning up after the pets simple. Even the dreaded kitty litter and pet hair come up with ease. With a wide path nozzle, the 360° Spinner Vac collects any mess all without cords or bulk.

• Superior Suction – Cleans Carpets & Bare Floors
• Cordless – 20 Minute Runtime On A Single Charge
• Flexible Arm – Great for Under & Around Furniture

SRP: $99.99
Item Code: 02582
Case Pack: 2 PCS
UPC: 6-74986-02582-3

Contact Sales@NovelBrands.com for order inquiries.

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